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Rural Buds Cannabis Shops are located all over rural Manitoba, with locations in Morris, St. Pierre-Jolys, Carman, and our most recent location in St. Adolphe, which opened in April of 2022. We love being a part of these beautiful Southern Manitoba communities!

Pat Schmitke, owner of Morris Bigway Grocery Store, saw the benefits cannabis had to offer and decided to take the leap into the cannabis industry. It wasn’t long before Rasta Lady Cannabis Shop was born (now Rural Buds – Morris). Rasta Lady Cannabis Shop in Morris, Manitoba opened in January of 2021. While it is a very small store located in an ATCO trailer, it offers a unique environment which the community loves. A few short months later in May 2021, Rural Buds opened another location in Carman, Manitoba, being the first Cannabis Shop in town. The beautiful storefront drew in alot of positive attention which led to the third location opening in July 2021 in St. Pierre-Jolys.

Rural Buds started with a dream. The dream of having clean cannabis accessible to the community while offering a warm, welcoming, and knowledgeable environment. We thrive on spreading accurate knowledge and knowing about the products we carry. Each store offers a unique selection of products, but our goal is to have a little bit of everything for everyone, with staff that are ready to answer any questions you may have. Our stores offer a small-town feel where the budtenders will get to know you, your preferences and make sure you get the right product for you. We are very proud to say that Rural Buds Cannabis Shops are a growing business that might just come to your town!

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